The only robe you’ll catch me wearing in public is a silk one. This beautiful vintage hand painted robe, Kay, is from Bridal Marché. The silk is so buttery soft against my skin, I feel oh so sexy in it.

The hand painted watercolor flowers and butterflies are on the front and back, and came with a coordinating teal sash tie (not pictured).

I styled this outfit with dark jeans, a blush colored top, and cognac wedges. This robe can also be worn as a wrap dress or paired with denim shorts and a crop top. I styled this robe with several outfits before I purchased – it can be worn so many ways.

I chose the simplest way to style this robe, with it being the statement piece. I kept the outfit pretty neutral so that the watercolor details pop.

My accessories include a vintage turquoise woven clutch, Borda 2-finger ring from April May Jewelry Co, tassel necklace and earrings from The Contradiction, and color-changing gel nails by yours truly

 Photography by Wry Toast Photos.



Lately I’ve been really into modern Philippine fashion – organza tops, hand-embroidered designs, butterfly and bell sleeves, and kimonas. I’ve loved traditional Philippine formal wear since I was little. My father and relatives still wear the traditional Barong Tagalog for special occasions. In fact, my half sleeve tattoo is the embroidery pattern from two of my father’s Barongs.


Perhaps it sparked new interest when I walked down the runway for Fashion Penpals last March, where the theme of their designs was traditional Philippine formal wear. (See a previous post from that fashion show here).


My new favorite Filipiniana shop is Vinta, based in Toronto. They put a modern twist on traditional Filipina fashion. I can’t wait to receive my items and write about it! wrytoastphotosdotcom_20160705-4

This dress, Natalie, was acquired from vintage bridal shop, Bridal Marché. It was listed as a vintage, handmade Mexican gown, but the embroidery felt very Filipiniana to me! Very similar influences. I felt it was perfect to pair with my Fashion Penpals pom pom clogs to keep the look vintage-y.


This vintage beauty has amazing embroidery work throughout the front and sleeves. I’m wearing a nude slip and bra underneath but depending on where I’m headed, I can also add some color. Perhaps a neon bra and neon half slip or black bra and black slip to add more contrast.


My accessories include The Double Axe necklace by While Odin Sleeps, body chain by Linquist, Borda 2-finger ring by April May Jewelry, and Bird Charmer earrings by The Contradiction. Wearing a body chain may seem like enough neckwear, but because this body chain is so simple, I like to double up and wear another necklace to add to the sass.


Photography by Wry Toast Photos.

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Leather & Lace

I’m a fan of mixing tough and delicate pieces together. Similar to steampunk fashion with ruffle skirts and gun harnesses.

This leather harness, Warrior Princess Bustier, is from Leather Coven. And that’s exactly what I feel like when I wear it – a warrior princess ready to face anything. I just feel like a bad ass! (See what I wore it with in a previous post.) Leather Coven made my harness to order using the measurements I sent him at such a great price. He can make something for everyone, which is one of the reasons I decided to purchase from him. Nobody likes to be excluded!

wrytoastphotosdotcom_20160705-22 This dainty lace top, Becky, is from Bridal Marché, a vintage bridal shop in the East Bay. I’m not getting hitched but who says you can’t find great things at a bridal shop? Vanessa has some of the best vintage pieces.
wrytoastphotosdotcom_20160705-23 I tried the harness with just a nude bra but the contrast wasn’t great under the lace so I put on the Caged Scuba Crop Top from Rebdolls, which has a perfect v-neckline to complement the harness. I paired it with my favorite article  of clothing: black jeans.

wrytoastphotosdotcom_20160705-24You guys know I love chunky footwear so these lightweight, black studded platforms by Gianni Bini  were the top choice.

wrytoastphotosdotcom_20160705-26My other accessories include a bangle from While Odin Sleeps, Borda ring from April May Jewelry Co, and Bird Charmer Earrings from The Contradiction.



Photography by Wry Toast Photos.

Jump in a Jumpsuit

One-pieces take the stress out of figuring out what to wear. It’s just that simple. Whether it be a dress or romper or jumpsuit – all you have to do is get your accessories together. The awesome thing about a solid color one-piece is that the accessory options are endless.


I laid my eyes on this vintage Rosie the Riveter -esque 100% polyester jumpsuit and fell in love with the 70s all over again! I was quite surprised that it fit me.


It wasn’t too difficult to choose my accessories for this outfit. I slipped on my Fashion PenPals pom pom clogs ( you can see what I wore them with in a previous post) as they also screamed 70s and the colors on the pom poms were just perfect.


My jewelry accessories include the ORA necklace by April May Jewelry Co, Bird Charmer earrings by The Contradiction,  and some tribal cut-out bangles (which will be available in my online shop soon!).


My large, woven clutch is by French Connection and my sunnies are made by Crap Eyewear – all very 70s-esque to tie it all together!

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Photos by Wry Toast Photos.

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