Leather & Lace

I’m a fan of mixing tough and delicate pieces together. Similar to steampunk fashion with ruffle skirts and gun harnesses.

This leather harness, Warrior Princess Bustier, is from Leather Coven. And that’s exactly what I feel like when I wear it – a warrior princess ready to face anything. I just feel like a bad ass! (See what I wore it with in a previous post.) Leather Coven made my harness to order using the measurements I sent him at such a great price. He can make something for everyone, which is one of the reasons I decided to purchase from him. Nobody likes to be excluded!

wrytoastphotosdotcom_20160705-22 This dainty lace top, Becky, is from Bridal Marché, a vintage bridal shop in the East Bay. I’m not getting hitched but who says you can’t find great things at a bridal shop? Vanessa has some of the best vintage pieces.
wrytoastphotosdotcom_20160705-23 I tried the harness with just a nude bra but the contrast wasn’t great under the lace so I put on the Caged Scuba Crop Top from Rebdolls, which has a perfect v-neckline to complement the harness. I paired it with my favorite article  of clothing: black jeans.

wrytoastphotosdotcom_20160705-24You guys know I love chunky footwear so these lightweight, black studded platforms by Gianni Bini  were the top choice.

wrytoastphotosdotcom_20160705-26My other accessories include a bangle from While Odin Sleeps, Borda ring from April May Jewelry Co, and Bird Charmer Earrings from The Contradiction.



Photography by Wry Toast Photos.


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