Hey, Hey Crochet!

If you’ve read some of my blog posts from the past, you know I have a thing for the 70s. My sisters and I stole a top from my mom’s closet when we were younger and I ended up with it the longest. My mom bought the top as a set when she was  in the Philippines (it came with a skirt that can no longer be found). Crochet work is amazing to me – such tedious work and the outcome is a piece of detailed art. My mom taught me how to crochet when I was a kid but I couldn’t do it now even if I tried. I’ll just leave it to the professionals!

I didn’t care whether the 70s were in style or out, whether off-the-shoulder tops were in or out – I held on to and wore this top since I was in high school which was many, MANY years ago. I noticed that I wore it a lot more often after I got my chest tattoo. I decided to write about it since Mother’s Day had just recently passed and also because I acquired the perfect shoes to go with it.


In my last post, I shared that I was part of a fashion show, Celebrate Your Body, and I was modeling for Fashion Penpals. I was eyeing one of the other models’ clogs and had asked her what size they were, in hopes that I could purchase them from Fashion Penpals later. The time came, I tried them on, and they were MINE MINE MINE! The clogs were second-hand and Kat of Fashion Penpals added the most adorable, multi-colored pom-poms to them.

My accessories include Bird Charmer earrings by The Contradiction, a few tribal bangles, and midi rings by April May Jewelry Co.


Photos by Wry Toast Photos


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