Do you sometimes find yourself buying clothes or accessories in certain colors then take it home to realize that you have a bunch of stuff already in the same colors? I must be drawn to jewel tones because I picked up my 80s paisley dress and furry 80s coat at two entirely different times, at different stores, not thinking about how much they coordinated.When I picked up the dress, it didn’t quite fit in the chest area but I didn’t let that stop me from purchasing it. The print and colors were calling out to me.  I took out the back zipper completely and added a closure button to the top, leaving the back open. Now it fit!My accessories include The Contradiction earrings, a mustard clutch and a Lia Sophia two-tone ring.I’m also wearing Nina Designs triangle and hammered rings.Ro Cruz_2015 (158 of 451)I put on my Seychelles t-strap heels and now I’m ready for a night out.Photography by Michelle Terris.

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2 thoughts on “Jewels

  1. Ro Ro says:

    Thank you SO much!!

  2. pja6 says:

    Absolutely LOVE that dress! So perfect with your hair color!

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