Detail Oriented

Dressing up an outfit that mostly consists of basics might be one of my favorite things to style. It gives me the opportunity to accessorize and really make a statement with one or two pieces. My everyday look for work is usually an all black outfit, mostly basics – a black tee and black jeans – but I’ll wear a vibrant or dark lipstick and/or fun, printed shoes as my statement pieces.Here, I’m wearing a pretty simple outfit – black Asos skinny jeans, beige Alternative Apparel sheer tee, denim jacket, Western booties by Restricted, and a black shawl.

The layering in this outfit is perfect for the transitioning season. The shawl really acts as an oversized scarf, where you can even cross the front two panels over your shoulders for a different look, and can be taken off when the weather warms up.

I accessorized with a statement coin necklace I picked up from Down at Lulu’s, skull wrap bracelet by The Contradiction, Alternative Apparel fringe purse, and a polka dot VS Very Sexy Unlined Demi bra (the most comfortable underwire bra ever!).

Side note: Get the matching panties that go with your beautiful bra for a simple way to boost your confidence. Even if no one else sees your under garments, you will feel oh so sexy. That sexiness will shine, from the inside out. You might as well put on your brightest lipstick to top it off. Remember, DO IT FOR YOURSELF!!!

Happy layering!

Photos by Scott Louie. Makeup by Yvette Matthews-Mason.

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