The Great esCape

At one point in time, I was obsessed with capes, whether they were wool or knit (view a previous post that includes a wool cape). I’ve even made a few myself. This knit one is my absolute favorite for plenty of reasons. I love the tribal pattern, you can button it up or keep it open, the length is great, and it’s from the 70s. I saw this on Etsy and immediately styled it in my head: with a wide brim hat and boots (and just to be dramatic, I visualized myself escaping into the woods with it on!). I’ve worn it with denim shorts and tan ankle boots. It also goes great with my black floppy hat. You can also belt capes to accentuate your waist (at least in the front) and give it a different look.

Below, I kept it pretty simple. I buttoned it almost to the top and paired it with second-hand Steve Madden boots from Crossroads, a second-hand leaf clutch from Goodwill, blue skinny jeans, and a black long-sleeve shirt. On my hands, I’m wearing a hinged armor ring from Forever 21 and a fan ring from a Diva’s Closet in Oakland. On my lips, I’m wearing Bane by Melt Cosmetics (I’m pretty obsessed!).

All photos taken by Scott Louie.

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