African Wax Fabric

There were a few really hot days this spring. One of those days I was out in LA visiting friends and family. Since I was only visiting for a few days, I wanted to pack light, but colorful. A few years back, I picked up a long wrap skirt from a consignment store in Oakland. It was handmade and was made out of multiple strips of African Wax Fabric. Just beautiful. I normally wear it as a skirt but because it was so hot, I wanted to expose my legs and arms so I wore it as a tube dress.

Here I am wearing the long wrap skirt as a tube dress. Unfortunately, I don’t have a shot of the entire outfit, but it hit just below my knees and I wore bronze sandals. Borrowed my sister’s yellow stretch belt to accentuate my waist and rocking my wrap bracelet from The Contradiction (there’s a bracelet named after me: Ro!!!). My sunnies are 9five x Diamond Supply Co. and are probably my favorite! You can’t see them here but the inside is mint green.

Looking forward to summer!

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