Several weeks ago, I was introduced to Zentangle® by a friend, Grace Mendez. I never heard of it before but was interested in learning more about this art form. She showed me some finished pieces and I was totally intimidated because the patterns were very intricate. She assured me that anyone, even with no art background, can do it. So I gave it a shot and sure enough, it was simple, meditative, and somewhat addictive! The best way I can describe this art form is “meditative doodling”. We started off with simple lines and just kept building and building on it. Once there was no more space to build on, we went back and started shading and filling in. Here’s what mine looked like:


Not bad for my first try, huh?

Below is an example and instructional video of Zentangle.

Example via Zentangle website

Instructional video for “Mooka”

So, I somehow link everything new I learn to sewing or clothing for some crazy reason 😉 and asked Grace if Zentangle can be applied to clothing or fabric. She said absolutely and shared a website where they sell Zentangle Keds and showed me some examples in her books.

Here is some inspiration on using Zentangle to decorate fabric:

Zentangle Accent Pillow via Creative Home Arts Club

Patterned stencils are perfect to create this Zentangle inspired project. You will need a 15″ square ready-made white pillow blank, freezer paper, masking tape, patterned stencils, stencil brush, and a black Shiva Paintstik. Remove stuffing from pillow blank.
Cut a 12″ square from freezer paper. Use a pencil to divide square into sections. Cut sections out, keeping them in order. Iron freezer paper sections, shiny side down, onto front of pillow blank. Mask off square with masking tape. Remove each section and stencil on pattern. When a section is complete, tape freezer paper back over to mask off stenciling. Repeat with every section using a different pattern. When finished, remove freezer paper sections and masking tape to reveal your stenciled Zentangle. Re-stuff pillow. Sew opening closed.

Zentangle Chucks:

Zentangle buttons:

And if you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area, Grace will be teaching a Zentangle class in Alameda on Saturday, June 4th, 2011. For more info, click here.


2 thoughts on “Zentangle

  1. Grace Mendez says:

    Hi Rozel, Thank you so much for sharing the love that I have for this art form.

    You did so well in the class we did together. I love that people who think they can’t do it and then see that they can and that they did, come the the realization of: What else did I think I couldn’t do?

    Thanks again,
    Grace Mendez, CZT

  2. sandra says:

    Oh my I love that pillow then I saw the tennis shoes and just about lost my mind….this is awesome. I got to share this on my facebook and particularly with keene and robert who are artist. Thank you I will try and make the class.

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