Preparing for Warm Weather

The sun has finally shined it’s light on us after hiding for almost a month in the Bay. The change in weather – at least for now – reminded me that I need to break my warm weather clothes out and let my cold weather clothes hibernate. It also reminded me of the things I need/need to do before I start rockin’ my warm weather gear. Have you thought about it? Are you prepared?

Here’s a list of some things that’ll help you prepare for the next two seasons of sun (hopefully!).

1. Tinted moisturizer – Warmer weather usually means oilier skin. If you have normal to combination skin, you may want to choose a tinted moisturizer that is oil free and has a matte finish. For dry skin, you can stick to a regular tinted moisturizer. Don’t forget to choose one that has SPF protection and remember to consider a slightly darker shade since you’ll likely get tanned with all the sunshine!

2. Appropriate undergarments – visible undergarments are a huge no-no. They’re called “under”garments for a reason! The only exception to this is if you wear a decorative bra (a bra that doesn’t look like your traditional bra and looks more like a top) that peaks out from under a loose-fitting tee or tank top. Try some of these decorative bras: VPL – B Bra, Fashion Bras or bandeaus: VS Sequin Bandeau top, VS Multi-Way Bandeau Bra. Other than that, you should have a nude (color that matches your skin tone) strapless bra to go under all of your spaghetti strap tops, tube tops, and one-shoulders. If you just cannot go strapless, try decorative or clear bra straps. Most strapless bras come with a clear set of straps like this one but if not, you can go to your intimates section at  your local department store to buy just the straps.
As for the undies, please also wear undies that match your skin tone under light-colored or white bottoms. White undies are NOT invisible under white bottoms, no matter what color your skin is.

3. Pedicure – That’s right! It’s time to break out the sandals and open-toes. Make sure your pedi is on point. A pedicure every two to three weeks is recommended but to upkeep them in between pedis, keep a pumice stone in your shower and make it a habit to scrub your heels once a week and always moisturize. Apply cuticle oil around the nail to keep the skin around your nails moisturized. I recommend OPI Avoplex Nail & Cuticle Replenishing Oil, which can be found at any professional beauty supply that carries OPI (i.e Pure Beauty). Neons are HOT this Spring! If you’re feeling bold, try neon yellow or blue nail polish. If bold isn’t your thing, try softer tones of pink, coral, or neutral.

4. Waterproof eye make-up – More sweat or maybe even hot enough for a swim, waterproof liner and/or mascara will be your best friend in the next couple of seasons. For pencil liner and color, try Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen. For liquid, try Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner. Since waterproof makeup is difficult to remove, make sure to use a tough, yet gentle eye makeup remover. My favorite one is Mary Kay’s Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover.

5. Sunscreen lip gloss/balm – Keep those puckers protected with a gloss or balm that has SPF protection. You can pretty much find them anywhere – from drugstores to MAC stores.

6. Sunscreen for your hair – Your hair needs protection from the sun as well! I suggest a protective spray like Aveda Sun Care Protective Hair Veil. This is most important if you have color-treated hair as UV rays make your color fade quicker.

7. Dry shampoo/hair refresher – Keep your hair moisturized by not shampooing everyday – try every other day. To keep hair refreshed and smelling good in between shampoos, I suggest a dry spray like Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray, it smells FANTASTIC and adds great volume.


3 thoughts on “Preparing for Warm Weather

  1. Shayne says:

    Major fan of your page, a variety of your blog posts have seriously helped me out. Awaiting upgrades!

  2. Grace Mendez says:

    Love the link by the google ads. Have you seen it? I love the before and after photos on the women when they “fix” one side but not the other. Ewww.

    Yep. Time for a pedi for sure! and I never knew about the hair sunscreen. I guess because I just started adding color to my hair this year.


  3. Lala Anorico says:

    hey, thanks po the tips cuz! we need those here, the whole year! it’s getting pretty hot now. time to hit the beach! ; )

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